K-array Blends in with the Graffiti at Concept Restaurant Vandal in NYC

Another TAO Group project has recently opened in New York City and again has selected K-array for the acoustics.  Vandal, a restaurant, bar and lounge, showcases the work of world-renowned street artists and serves globally inspired street food from Peru, Vietnam and Barcelona. The venue aims to capture the spirit of creativity, leaving a truly distinctive mark on a historic stretch of the Bowery district in Manhattan.

Vandal’s audio, video, lighting and effects systems were designed by Joseph Lodi, Angelo Poulos and John Campbell – co-owners and systems designers at Anthem Productions. The team was chosen based on their expertise and ability to work seamlessly with all trades. Of course having the cutting-edge products at their disposal only boosts their success.

The installation is comprised of many AV product lines with the standout being the K-array loudspeaker. Specifically, the KK102 and KK52 Kobra line arrays were chosen for their outstanding coverage both horizontally at 110 degrees and vertically at 35 and 60 degrees respectively.

“Their output and sound quality is unmatched in a small profile at just over 2” wide,” says Lodi.

To carry the lower end, KMT12 12″ subwoofers were chosen for their compact package and output capabilities matching all full range sections. The KK52 half-meter Kobra was selected as the in-wall and in-ceiling speaker for fills in all areas of halls, banquettes and wash closets so that each area is voiced equally.

One of the main objectives for Vandal was to not only have an audio system that sounded amazing at lower volumes for dinner service, but to also have the ability to have more powerful acoustics for music-driven events that happen later in the evening. However, the owners wanted a very low profile speaker that disappeared into the environment.

“The sound system simply needed to be able to handle anything that was thrown at it, at virtually any time of the night and to be the opposite of the common box look that’s typically seen in these types of venues. From dining to dancing, all goals were met,” explained Lodi. 

“K-array’s line array loudspeaker, with its incredibly wide dispersion pattern, provides even coverage throughout the listening field. The result is a room that has virtually no dead spots. Clean, powerful, sleek and almost invisible, the Kobra did its part with flying colors.”

The technology and design behind the speakers worked out extremely well and Anthem was able to integrate all its components to achieve perfect results. With the final tuning and time alignment of all speaker locations, both the clients and Anthem were incredibly happy with the results.

Info: www.k-array.com

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