K-array Helps Siena College Power Up Student Union

Siena College, an independent liberal arts college in Loudonville, New York, recently underwent renovations to its audio system and selected K-array as its choice for unobtrusive, high-quality loudspeakers.

The school required a sound system at its multipurpose student lounge “Casey’s” for public addresses as well as sound reinforcement for DJ and live performances with many restrictions on mounting and space for a large speaker system.

Integrators Audio Video Corporation were brought in for their trusted expertise and immediately turned to K-array’s KR202 portable system given the loudspeakers’ small form factor and the system’s flexibility of configuration.

“It was critical to the venue’s architect that the speaker system did not impair line of site and interfere with the room design,” said Keith Rivers of Audio Video Corporation of their decision to use the Italian brand. “K-array was the only product that would properly fit this situation while providing enough headroom and SPL for the functionality of this venue.”

The system’s KMT18 18” subwoofers were flown overhead and out of sight while the KK102 Kobra loudspeakers were used in a splayed configuration due to the width of the room. The integrators were able to use impedance shading to control the volume levels at various locations of the room. All of the Kobras were set to “spot” configuration and the room was equalized and tuned with SMART software and K-array DSP.

The install was a success for Siena College which put it to use right away, scheduling a variety of performances for the remainder of the 2016 school year.

“Everyone who uses Casey’s Student Lounge, regardless of the event, is always astounded with the clarity and overall quality of the sound that comes through the system,” said Thomas Callan, Instructional Media Engineer at Siena College. “We are really happy with our new system.”

Info: www.k-array.com 

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