Interview with Daria Platonova of StudiTech

IBC 2016 took place at RAI, Amsterdam this September. Since 1967, IBC has grown to become the most influential annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media, worldwide. We spoke to one of its attendees to discuss the most interesting details of the show.

ZioGiorgio: Please tell us a little about yourself and the company that you represent.

Daria Platonova: Daria Platonova, PR manager, StudiTech Ltd.
StudiTech has been working for the development of the professional audio industry in Russia since 1992. The engineering team alliance implements projects of any complexity. One of the best examples of our work is the design, delivery, installation and adjustment of sound amplification systems installed on The Red Square, as well as in the halls of the Russian President’s Country residence. StudiTech is the exclusive distributor and offficial dealer for many European brands in the Russian Federation. In 2016, the company StudiTech received licenses for providing various telecommunication services, continuing development and expanding the range of services available.


ZioGiorgio: Not long ago you came back from IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. What was your main reason for visiting the fair?

Daria Platonova: Needless to say, the main goal for visiting the exhibition was meeting face to face with our partners. 2016 was an anniversary for StudiTech: no less than 20 years have passed since we began to work with companies such as RTW, Schoeps Mikrofone, LA Audio (today Audient) and WisyCom, becoming their exclusive distributors in the Russian Federation and Belorussia. We live in a digital world where modern technologies develop very fast, and because of this, any person can participate in the seminar without the need to be there physically. For example, we run a business conferences by Skype, and reply to the messages of our partners caught in a Moscow traffic jam by phone. But in my opinion, eye contact shouldn’t loose its value, it is still just as in use as a paper book. In the framework of IBC 2016 our schedule was very busy, but all the meetings were productive, the questions closed and new aims targeted.


ZioGiorgio: Please tell us the most interesting new products of your partners?

Daria Platonova: Lots of new interesting products and technology solutions were represented at the exhibition. Here I should mention that all the products that I’m talking about below will be at the StudiTech booth during NATEXPO 2016 that will take place 16th – 18th November.
First of all we should mention a new concept, Smart Audio by Junger Audio. This intelligent and mutually supports algorithms automising audio programming in television and radio broadcasting.
RTW presented their new software version of CLC – Continuous Loudness Control V2.0.
Auvitran also updated their software and firmware.
Digigram presented their IQOYA *VIP audio-over-IP (AoIP) software.
Schoeps Mikrofone showed, as usual, a wide range of microphones for different fields of application. One of them was the (microphone and stand) – RC set ‘Singer’- this very stand is known worldwide as ‘pavarotti stand’, that is the standard for concert halls.
The main managers at Schoeps promised that a new product would be launched in October-November of this year. What exactly to expect is kept a secret. Only the field of application is known – the film industry.
WisyCom introduced a new system called MFL that provides wideband optical linkage for up to 4 RF channels combined in one single mode fiber thanks to CWDM technology.
For all working with spider cams, revolving stages, or other devices that need rotary connecting systems, FiberFox presented its new Fiber Optic Rotary Joints. The FRJ2311 is shipping! Excellent components guarantee an extremely durable product. Expanded Beam technology offers a no-wear and absolutely consistent fiber connection. The FRJ2311 is coming in multimode or singlemode.


ZioGiorgio: Can you name the main features of all these products that make them stand out from others?

Daria Platonova: There are many features that mark out the products of our partners from those of other companies. But the main advantages are the current R&D work, timeliness of technology solutions, high quality of work on a manufacturing level, and simple user interfaces with flexibility of settings.


ZioGiorgio: Please tell us the most fascinating moments of the fair?

Daria Platonova: It is not easy to mark something concrete. There is some magic to the show itself in which thousands of people are involved. It is nice to see that the industry continues to develop, to grow and attract more and more young professionals despite the world crisis, political problems project budget cuts. By the way it is important to add that the list of speakers at the conference traditionally held in the framework of IBC counted 430 professionals. The conference was completely transformed and moved to a Digital Age. This is fascinating!


ZioGiorgio: What changes did you notice if compared with the last year’s show?

Daria Platonova: Last year I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to attend Amsterdam and IBC, but if compared with 2014 the exhibition has certainly gained momentum. This year 55,000 people from more than 160 countries visited RAI. 1800 exhibitors welcomed visitors at their booths, representing new smart-technologies, among them 249 companies exhibiting at IBC for the first time.

ZioGiorgio: What can you say about the organisation of the event? Did you enjoy it?

Daria Platonova: The organisation of the show was excellent as usual. Each time coming to IBC we see only improvement. The security was of a high level, the registration and the receiving of badges took no more than 5-7 minutes. The infrastructure of RAI was thought out right down to the details, for example it has its own beach where you could relax after the hard working day.


ZioGiorgio: Do you plan to visit IBC 2017? What do you expect from it then?

Daria Platonova: StudiTech definitely plans to visit IBC 2017. We have the majority of plans, ideas and projects that we will put into effect. We expect the show to result in plenty of business deals made and warm long friendships to be maintained and started. With every year we want to see more interesting technologies, solutions, quality equipment and real passionate industry professionals.

ZioGiorgio: Thanks Daria!

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