Visual Productions Announce the CueCore2 Solid-state Light Control

Visual Productions have announced an upgrade to their CueCore 1024 channel solid-state lighting controller, with the CueCore2.  This new controller now offers even more capacity and protocols for architectural lighting projects and will be available to see on their booth #1749 during LDI in Las Vegas this month.

Visual Productions CueCore2The CueCore2 is a lighting controller for permanent installations. The device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts; it is a secure and low-maintenance installation control solution that has only a minimal power consumption. The onboard ­large memory allows for storing DMX shows which can be downloaded from CueluxPro or recorded from DMX, Art-Net or sACN.

The CueCore2 features powerful playbacks to control multiple zones independently. It’s protocol suite which already contained DMX, Art-Net, MIDI, MTC, SMPTE, GPI, UDP, OSC now has been extended with sACN, KiNet, TCP, NTP, MSC, MMC. The support of many protocols makes the CueCore2 a very powerful merging device. All operating and programming is done through its dynamic web interface which also hosts an onboard lighting console.

The CueCore2 includes a 2-universe licence of the CueluxPro Lighting control software. CueluxPro is an advanced and scalable lighting control application for Mac, Windows or Linux. The software is designed to control medium to large lighting installations, for both architectural and live-entertainment situations.


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