Powersoft’s DevaHD Nominated for NAMM TEC Award

Manufacturer of professional power amplifiers, Powersoft, has today announced that the DevaHD, its revolutionary multimedia infotainment, entertainment, and Surveillance system has received a nomination for an award at the 32nd NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. The product is up for being awarded the Outstanding Technical Achievement in the Amplification Hardware-Studio & Studio Reinforcement Category.

Powersoft Audio DevaHD NAMM TEC Award

The all-in-one advanced wireless, weatherproof and ‘green’ solar powered computerized platform is being integrated into numerous smart cities across the globe as a multi-purpose solution. With its powerful video capture capabilities, DevaHD can be used in a wide range of applications — from background music to paging to enabling real-time messaging and communications with HD video and audio surveillance.

Equipped with Powersoft’s trademark Class D IP65-rated amplification the DevaHD also enables audio messaging and video capturing complete with several sensors (microphone, presence detector, tilt sensor, temperature/pressure measurement) and accessories (e.g., LED lights).

Powersoft Audio DevaHD NAMM TEC Award

“We are humbled to receive a TEC Award nomination for the DevaHD, which is a truly revolutionary product,” commented Francesco Fanicchi, Head of Brand and Communications of Powersoft. “We are grateful to the TEC Foundation for recognizing DevaHD, following what has been a very successful ongoing launch in the global marketplace.”

Presented by the NAMM Foundation, the awards were created to celebrate the best in professional audio and sound production. Winners will be announced Saturday evening, January 21, 2017, in the Anaheim Hilton’s Pacific Ballroom and via a live event web stream.

Info: www.powersoft-audio.com

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