dBTechnologies Presents Re-designed OPERA Powered Series

As one of dBTechnologies’ flagship powered system, the celebrated Opera series left a powerful footprint in the Italian brand’s history. Now history proceeds with these three brand new 10” 12” and 15” professional powered speakers.

Exceptional 1200 W peak power and a unique acoustic design combine in order to deliver a vigorous yet pristine sound, successfully adaptable to both playback and live music applications.

dBTechnologies Opera Series

With new OPERA series, dBTechnologies succeded once again in packing leading edge DSP processing, advanced design features and user friendliness in an unrivalled cabinet in its price range.

Opera’s asymmetrical horn, which dramatically contributed to the success of the series, has been completely redesigned in order to obtain both an asymetrical vertical dispersion and a double horizontal dispersion, ensuring an optimized throw pattern.  

All 3 models of the series are equipped with a powerful Class D 600 W amplifier featuring advanced DSP processing where FIR filters allow the systems to deliver a coherent audio performance, uniform and crystal-clear from every listening position.

dBTechnologies Opera Series

All models features 2 input channels (allowing live performers to use the system both for vocals and instruments or vocals and playback music), 2 selectable output channels (LINK CH 1 or MIX CH 1+2) and 8 preset equalizations which adapts to the most different environments, making OPERA the perfect companion for the discerning performer.

The new functional yet polished design features a full grille, a top and a side handle easing monitoring purposes. The cabinet comes with an integrated pole mount cup allowing stacked configurations with dBTechnologies bass bins.

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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