The Extraordinary is Standard with DTS for My Way, Mexico

Just opened, My Way has become one of the most prestigious clubs in Mexico, and a reference for the sophisticated level of audio, video and lighting systems installed.

The project of My Way, made by Ricardo Flores, Director of Leds4Skys company, integrates five zones: the bar, the ‘cube’, the disco, the terraces and the VIP area, each with its own distinct ‘personality’ and specific lighting equipment.

DTS My Way Mexico JACK MAX NICK NRG 1201

A wide range of DTS moving heads is used in the dynamic lighting of the main areas: 30 x JACK are fixed to the wall along the perimeter of the so-called ‘cube’ and allow to create with their projections a series of luminous geometries of great effectiveness.

23 x MAX and 10 x NICK NRG 1201, hanging above the discoteque, color the entire area and the dancefloor below.

DTS My Way Mexico JACK MAX NICK NRG 1201

NICK NRG 1201 is the one of the most versatile and bright WASH LED moving heads in its range, suitable for a range of applications. Advanced colour mixing and a uniform projection are made possible by the 30 high power OSTAR RGBW LEDs combined with a dedicated optical system, delivering 15,000 Lumens.

MAX and JACK are lamp based fixtures, with MAX taking care of the spot applications, and JACK providing a hybrid option between Spot,Wash and Beam.


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