Sennheiser announces Sound Academy courses

Sennheiser has announced three upcoming courses from the Sennheiser Sound Academy, which will be run in various locations in the UK in August, September, October and November: Wireless Mics Monitoring Essentials; D9000 Digital Wireless Mastered Seminar; and Wireless Mics & Monitoring : The Master Class.

The Sennheiser Sound Academy offers tailor-made learning systems and expert knowledge for anyone working with microphone systems, whether you are an experienced engineer, or just starting out. Each course offers a combination of classroom training, which includes hands-on practical modules, and eLearning, which keeps things interesting and allows you to learn at your own pace and within the restrictions of your work schedule.

Wireless Mics Monitoring Essentials will be held at SSE’s London base and Wigwam in Manchester. The course is aimed at both new and existing users of wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems who wish to further their understanding of the area for the benefit of their career. Sennheiser offers a 50% discount for members of the Association of Sound Designers, Institute of Professional Sound and a 20% discount for those aged under 24 years. A complimentary copy of the Sound Academy Handbook is provided with the course.

D9000 Digital Wireless Mastered Seminar will be held in various UK locations and offers an Introduction into the advantages of using digital modulation schemes for Wireless Microphones, with hands on experience of Sennehiser’s D9000 System.

Wireless Mics & Monitoring: The Master Class will be held at Sennheiser UK in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and is designed for existing users of wireless microphones and in ear monitoring systems who have already completed the Essential Wireless Mics and Monitoring Course. This intensive two-day course consists of one full day of theoretical tutored eLearning and one full day of practical workshops.

For a limited period, Sennheiser is extending the 50% discount for the Wireless Mics Monitoring Essentials to anyone wanting to attend the course held at SSE’s London office on 19 August.

Additional courses will be held in France, Benelux and the Nordic countries later in the year.


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