NEXT-proaudio powers Reeds Festival

Taking place in Pfäffikon , Switzerland, Reeds Festival brings some of the top international Reggae bands, such as Julian Marley & The Uprising Bitty McLean, Desorden Público, Kalles Kaviar, Marla Brown, The Kinky Coo Coo’s, Treesha feat Denham Smith & Soulions.

Celebrating 10 editions, the organization used the regular audio service provider for the event, Diffferent Productions, once again opted for a LA122 Line array system, Lam115 stage monitors, X-line as side fill and front fill.

Reeds Festival is one of the most important reggae festival in Europe, created in 2003 at the Hotel School Thun. This festival was inspired following the example of Lake Splash Openair in Twann.

The Different Productions team erected 18 LA122 and 4 Las118. A total of 10 Las418 subs were then ground stacked. Stage monitoring was also delivered by NEXT-proaudio , comprising 12 units LAm115 stage monitors, 2 LAs218 sub with two X212 cabinets on top. Two X12 cabinets provided front-fill.


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