PixelFLEX adds dynamics to Unbridled Eve

Held on the eve of the Kentucky Derby, Unbridled Eve pairs a VIP cocktail reception and dinner with live entertainment provided by celebrity musical artists. Located annually inside the Galt House Hotel Grand Ballroom, Marcus Cambron and his team at Visual Productions have been creating the evening’s production design over the last 18 years working with a number of event sponsors. Knowing this year the organizers wanted to capitalize on the performance capabilities of LED video, Cambron turned to Nashville-based PixelFLEX who provided him with FLEXCurtain HD LED video technology to create an energetic and dynamic visual experience.

“Every year at this event our production design changes a little bit to keep the show engaging for the guests, and so this year we really wanted to use LED video to give the show a new look,” says Cambron. “I first used the PixelFLEX technology on a design last year for 100 Black Men and it worked so well that I have now used the technology on several different occasions. I love how the PixelFLEX product lines are both affordable and offer the highest performance quality, and the FLEXCurtain HD LED certainly lived up to all our expectations.

“This year, our stage set up was 42′ wide x 24′ deep and so we used a 16′ wide x 8′ high FLEXCurtain HD configuration to really fill up the space behind the performers,” continued Cambron. “Prior to the event, we asked the artists for any specific content they might like to use, and then we generated the remaining custom content needed for the event design, which really allowed us to be extremely creative with the visual experience.”

Info: www.pixelflex.com

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