Pre-ordering Starts For Schertler’s Arthur Modular Mixer

SCHERTLER GROUP, creator of the modular mixer, Arthur, an innovative system that combines flexibility and sound quality, have announced the opening of pre-orders for all products within the series directly. Pre-orders are available directly on the Schertler website, or through the European network of authorised dealers.


At first glance, the modular mixer Arthur may seem a mixer like any other, but it’s actually a completely new audio product that offers much more. Through the configurator within the Schertler site, you can choose the model and quantity of the corresponding modules/channels to your specific artistic and professional needs.


The heart of this mixer is its electronics. In fact it is equipped with a circuitry without negative feedback (NFB) between input and output. Furthermore, all the filters and summing amplifiers are exempt from the limitations of feedback thanks to high-speed linear electronics. This results in a very rapid impulse response and a natural attack which would not be achievable with NFB circuits. All the circuits are built using discrete Class A components, and preamplifiers in high-voltage direct current, without integrated circuits. Because of this the system provides 30dB of headroom and low noise, combined with consistency, stability, warmth and excellent quality of transparency.

Arthur format48 offers better sound quality and high workflow, making it ideal for recording in the studio; live; for small shows or large events and for more or less advanced passionates or professionals. Arthur is capable of expressing high sound quality and high flexibility. If you do need an additional microphone input or another input to connect an instrument, simply order the module and add it to your Arthur mixer.


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