New Releases for Composer and Network from dBTechnologies

As part of their ongoing dedication to innovation and customer service, dBTechnologies has recently announced updates to two of their software packages.

Firstly, dBTechnologies Network has been updated. The software is designed to control remotely dBTechnologies products using RDNet Protocol. It provides Advanced tools for a faster live speaker management. The RDNet link enables the sound tech to adjust presets, levels, and all other key parameters conveniently at the FOH location.

As part of the new update, it is now possible to manage the new VIO L210 and VIO S318, alongside with DVA T line array family and DVA N subs.

dBTechnologies Software Update Network

Secondly, dBTechnologies Composer has been updated, the prediction software initially developed to optimise DVA systems alignment.

With the update, it’s now possible to manage all of dBTechnologies’ new products, from VIO and DVA K family: VIO L210, VIO S318, DRK-210, DVA K5, DVA KS10, DVA KS20.

dBTechnologies Software Update Composer

It is also now possible to easily manage the DRK-210 flybar thanks to mechanical calculations and centre of gravity simulations.

New rules for the manual mode management have also been added.


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