K-Array at Historic Tybee Post Theatre

Set in the heart of the historic district in Tybee Island, Georgia (USA), the historic Tybee Post Theater was constructed in 1930 as a movie house for the soldiers stationed at the Army base. In the mid 60s, the venue was closed, until the curtain was raised for the first time in 50 years in September 2015, with the space reborn as a performing arts and movie venue for residents and visitors alike. 

K Array Tybee Post Theatre Georgia

A flexible, user-friendly professional audio system was requested from audio visual consultants Michael Gaster + Associates to support a multitude of functions of the historic theater, capable of satisfying the needs of live theater, concerts and cinema. MG+A anticipated the low-profile, yet robust design of K-array’s solutions as a natural fit for the confined theater interior.

Because the facility also serves as a cinema, a 5.1 speaker system was needed and designed to accommodate the sound pressure levels and gain before feedback requirements needed for live concerts and theater. The main Left and Right arrays each consist of one KP102 Python and KP52 half-meter Python loudspeaker while the center array employs a KK102 Kobra and one KK52 half-meter Kobra loudspeaker. The surrounds are 2 wall-mounted, half-meter Kobras with a KMT18P passive 18” subwoofer each, configured as a cardioid sub array located underneath the front of the stage.

K Array Tybee Post Theatre Georgia

Michael Gaster, owner and sound designer at MG+A, said “K-array products were chosen for their high quality audio, excellent coverage, and extremely low physical profile, which was perfect for the compact facility.”

During installation, the client booked a concert performance without the expectation to have the new system installed in time but MG+A worked quickly to fly the speakers, set basic DSP parameters and test the acoustics so in the end, the client was able to utilize its new audio system.

K Array Tybee Post Theatre Georgia

“The size and weight of the speakers made it easy to get them flown and the system turned on and performance ready in very little time. From the delivery of the speaker system to the initial performance of the system, was approximately a day and a half. After the first show, another day was spent adjusting some angles on the flown main arrays as well as system tuning. And the clients were absolutely thrilled.” concluded Gaster.

Info: www.k-array.com

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