Baz Halpin creates connections with Strike 4

Belmont University in Nashville is about 468 miles from the border separating Florida from Georgia. But it was at this leafy Christian university where the world-famous Florida Georgia Line began in 2008, when Floridian Brian Kelley met Georgian Tyler Hubbard. It was an encounter that would lead two years later to the formation of one of the most successful country duos of all time. The group’s current Dig Your Roots Tour gives fans a chance to learn more about the story behind Florida Georgia Line, while enjoying Kelley and Hubbard’s latest hard driving country bro music, all animated by a Baz Halpin designed lightshow.

Halpin and his co-designer Chris Nyfyeld, both of Los Angeles-based Silent House Productions, are creating a visual mood that manages to be both intimate and impactful on the 60-city tour with a lightshow that’s anchored by 62 Strike 4 multi-formated warm white LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional. The LDs arranged the Strike 4s, which were supplied by PRG, on five light ladders. Positioned on a trolly style track upstage, the ladders are moved horizontally during the concert.

“The design gives us power and movement, which captures the feeling of the artists and the tour,” said Halpin. “We have some very bright movers on the rig with the Strike 4, so there’s a lot of intensity. The Strike 4s have no problem keeping up. However, we’re also using the fixtures to contribute to a feeling of intimacy.”

Running their rig with a grandMA2, Halpin and Nyfyeld control each 100-watt LED cell in their Strike 4 fixtures individually. Given that there are four cells per fixture and 62 fixtures in the rig, this translates into 248 individually controlled cells, resulting in some captivating chase sequences. These sequences, along with the moving light ladders, create a fluid visual impression on stage, which provides a perfect complement to Florida Georgia Line’s animated and edgy brand of country music.


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