Ayrton dazzles with MagicBurst

Ayrton has introduced MagicBurst, billed as the industry’s first dynamic LED strobe. The high-power graphic LED strobe offers continuous, unlimited rotation on its pan and tilt axes.

MagicBurst is the company’s first strobe unit, and the world’s only motorised strobe. MagicBurst’s 384 x 384 mm squared face supports 3,840 high-output white LEDs grouped into 64 pixels on an 8 x 8 matrix. With a new ultra-compact 1,300W power supply, MagicBurst can deliver a peak light output of over 240,000 lumens – perfectly calibrated at 5600K – for several seconds, and put it into continuous rotation.

The strobe duration, speed and intensity of each LED pixel group can be individually controlled, and individual sections controlled to create graphic arrays, moving checker-boards, flashing letters, etc. MagicBurst also has a library of fixed images and pre-programmed dynamic effects.

With a minimalist design and reduced visual footprint, MagicBurst is similar in panel / head dimensions to the MagicPanel-FX and DreamPanel product family. This standardized format allows it to be combined in arrays with units of the same size like Ayrton’s MagicPanel-FX, and Imaging Display units, DreamPanel Shift and DreamPanel Twin, to create giant graphic arrays.

Info: www.ayrton.eu

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