K-array: The Gold Rush is On!

K-array is glittering with excitement to announce its newest offering of product finishes. Effective immediately, a 24 K gold plated stainless steel option is available for the loudspeakers in its Installed Sound line including the KK52 half-meter Kobra, KK102 Kobra, KP52 half-meter Python, KP102 Python, and KY102 Kayman. K-array’s subwoofers, the KU26, KU44 and KU210, are also available in the same finish, while the KV50 Vyper and the KZ12 Lyzard have the gold-plated finish option in aluminum.

The newest finish is a pure gold coating over a sturdy metal frame, rendering the steel products resistant to corrosion, rust or stain — ideal for prestigious design projects and upscale applications.

Additional colors and finishes K-array further assist in integrating a system into various venues. Standard colors are sleek black and an elegant white to make a subtle statement. Then, brushed or polished stainless steel finishes give the products a chameleon-like ability to reflect surrounding surfaces and blend in with the background.

K-array products made with premium materials demonstrate exceptional performance in a variety of distinct finishes combining beauty and design.

Info: www.k-array.com

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