Eurolite Presents High Class Lighting Control at a Low Price

Unique in its class,┬áthe compact Eurolite DMX Move Controller 512 Pro offers high quality technology at an affordable price. Among its many features that are unexpected from a unit of it’s affordability, it’s main drawing point, which hasn’t been seen in controllers of this size before, is motorised faders.

Up to 24 DMX lighting fixtures, each with up to 34 channels, can be controlled by the unit. What makes the controller particularly user friendly are its motorised faders, which when switching between banks, chases and scenes, can return to their programmed position and be easily reset. This is a feature which up until now was often only found in much more expensive and bigger controllers.

Steinigke Eurolite DMX Move Controller 512

Especially comfortable are also the colour-illuminated buttons, which enable users to orientate themselves easily at a glance, and the integrated USB connection. Via this connection, back-ups of the programmed light shows as well as fixture patchings can be saved on a conventional USB stick. This is an advantage for hire companies, as they can give their customers pre-programmed light shows to take with them. Software can also be updated this way.

The DMX Move Controller 512 PRO offers seven pre-programmed colour effects and 9 movement patterns. Several colour effects and movement patterns can be used at the same time.

Steinigke Eurolite DMX Move Controller 512

Due to its various possibilities, the controller’s use is not limited to a certain stage size. It is suited for small light shows as well as for big stages and is a perfect device for ambitious beginners as well as for long-time professionals.


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