Hyderabad nightspot is first X Series install in India

When renowned club owners Mudassar Muneer and Anand Yadav set out to build a new 500-capacity nightclub, they knew they wanted to bring the very best elements of international clubbing to Hyderabad’s posh HiTechCity. With the mission of giving the city a genuinely outstanding social hub, they brought their many years of travel experience, seeking out the world’s best clubbing experiences back to India.

During their research, Muneer and Yadav had been impressed by the L-Acoustics sound systems they heard, especially in the blueFROG chain’s live music clubs in Mumbai and Pune, both of which were installed by Mumbai-based Munro Acoustics LLP. They asked Munro to design and install an L-Acoustics sound system at Block 22.

“The idea for Block 22 was to bring Ibiza and Vegas style chic to India, delivering a supreme aural and visual experience,” says Munro specialist consultant Kapil Thirwani. “We had already used L-Acoustics systems in the blueFROG venues and Muneer and Yadav had also heard one of the company’s systems at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. We all agreed that L-Acoustics had the right products to fulfil the brief of having ‘the world’s best sound’ at Block22.”

The venue features a main space, two VIP areas and an elevated DJ booth. Showcasing a range of music styles, the club hosts regular live DJ sets and aims to schedule an increasing number of international performers.

“Our brief was to deliver impeccable sound and great acoustics,” says Kapil. “We have a reputation for bringing out the best in venues and we knew L-Acoustics would be the right solution. Because the venue has a high ceiling, the generic solution would be to use line array. However, we wanted a relatively short throw with wide coverage so we chose the ARCS WiFo system. We were surprised how good the LF contour is when combined with the SB18 subs.”

The system features main clusters of three ARCS WiFo, one Wide and two Focus, either side, and two SB18 subs per side, four SB28 subs for the dance floor and four of L-Acoustics’ new X12 cabinets, which have an ellipsoid directivity of 90° x 60°, making them ideal for fills for the mezzanine VIP area which, due to the slope of the roof, has a restricted height. The system is powered by LA4X and LA8 amplifier controllers.

“The biggest issue we faced was ensuring maximum noise isolation in the roof, as it is made of tin sheets. This was achieved by using secondary isolation, with the razor-sharp focus of the ARCS system also helping to contain the sound,” says Kapil. “The result is an astonishing venue with good acoustics and fantastic sound. It’s also the first ever L-Acoustics X12 installation in India.”

Info: www.l-acoustics.com

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