GRIVEN lights up the sky above Rockefeller Plaza

In the last few years, Crocus Group Company has been developing in Moscow city centre a network of conceptual shopping malls named VEGAS, a new generation of multi-functional entertainment complexes offering the best shopping, amusement and food experience ever. VEGAS Crocus City, the first mall of this series, was opened in June 2011, VEGAS Kashirskoye was inaugurated at the end of May 2014, while VEGAS Kuntsevo is scheduled to open in 2017.

Located close to Myakinino metro station, VEGAS Crocus City boasts a total area of 285.000 square meters hosting the largest theater in Europe and a concert hall, beside an array of shopping and entertainment facilities stretching in areas perfectly reproducing Times Square, the Walk of Fame, Rockfeller Center, Madison Avenue and the 47th Street.

Offering an unforgettable experience, VEGAS Kashirskoye, Russia’s largest shopping and entertainment complex with a total area of 480.000 square metres, is Moscow’s first themed shopping mall combined with an extreme amusement park and encompassing shopping facilities.

Last but not least, VEGAS Kuntsevo will be located in the west side of Moscow, between Mozhaysk and Rublevo-Uspensky highway, carrying on the idea of thematic interactive areas fitted with every sort of amusement facilities, such as: a giant climbing wall, a 2-stage velodrome, a huge amusement park, an ice skating rink with integrated cylindrical aquarium, a multiplex, a food court, a shopping complex and much more…

After replacing the old outdoor architectural lighting system of VEGAS Kashirskoye, with LED lights in 2015, GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for Russia, DSL Company, has recently been charged with a new project at VEGAS Crocus City. The required task involved the upgrade of the interior luminaires dedicated to the highlight of the false sky ceiling of a large indoor square, Rockefeller Plaza, which reproduces the famous New York square. Offering a variety of renowned restaurants and cafés, Rockefeller Plaza is adorned by a huge Prometheus statue, standing right in the middle of a clear water fountain, and is equipped with a skating ice ring of 700 square metres, attractions which altogether make it a bustling and amusing meeting point.

In order to give the idea of a true open air square, the 40 meters high artificial sky overhead required a dedicated illumination system, which should be able to enhance the slightly clouded blue sky of Rockefeller Plaza with a well diffused light, simulating the course of the day from dawn to sunset. To do so, Griven lighting designers had to overcome some physical obstacles such as small walls rising from the buildings of Rockefeller Plaza up to a very close distance from the ceiling, preventing a direct and easy pointing of the lighting system towards the false sky.

According to the preliminary calculations, the number of units with different kind of optics required to obtain the needed effect was very high and could compromise the installation itself for logistics reasons. The big idea came from the huge GRIVEN capability of customizing its fixtures: instead of using multiple units with different optics, different optics were mounted on the same fixture. Therefore, a custom Coral RGBW was fitted with elliptical optics in the upper half and with extra wide optics in the lower half in order to obtain, owing to a differentiated output, the required light outcome and diffusion. 24 units of Coral in this new configuration have been installed around the upper building perimeter of the 36x26m large area in order to reach with this new set-up the whole ceiling. 4 more standard Coral RGBW units with narrow optics have also been installed at the four corners of the building roof in order to reach with their crossing beams the very centre of the false sky ceiling.

Moreover, the dedicated lighting system has been programmed for the replay of sequential colour scenes based on the day light course, in order to develop different light scenes gradually fading from dawn to full daylight, from the most colourful sunset to the darkest night. Managed by a DMX control system, the new lighting scheme, beside an astonishing visual effect, has also reached a significant reduction in consume and maintenance costs in comparison with the previous illumination system.

Meeting the most demanding architectural requirements, the newly engineered Coral RGBW features 64 premium quality high power RGBW LEDs, coupled with a variety of high build and design optics groups for the utmost optical efficiency, balanced projection and photometric flexibility. This versatile wall washer allows a powerful output from a quite compact unit body. The combination of RGBW LEDs offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for an even broader range of application purposes.

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