Pioneer Introduce the Festival-ready TOUR System

Pioneer Pro Audio has announced their newest edition to their range of DJ products, TOUR system. Consisting of CDJ–TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1, the system is designed to be festival-ready, with arena-grade sound components for a huge, reliable sound, plus 13-inch touch screens that give you instinctive, confident control when its most important.

Pioneer Pro Audio Tour CDJ-TOUR1 DJM-TOUR1

The CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1 take the professional sound quality of the NXS2 set-up and add the components needed to deliver that performance in large venues such as festivals and arenas. Both models have an ESS Technology 32-bit D/A converter to eliminate low noise and distortion and give a clear, crisp sound at scale. The DJM-TOUR1 is the first mixer to have a pro audio grade AES/EBU digital output, so you can connect directly to front of house – even over long distances – with no loss of sound quality.

Pioneer Pro Audio Tour CDJ-TOUR1 DJM-TOUR1

The 13-inch, full-colour touch screens with built-in CPU give you effortless control: you can browse faster, grasp waveforms more easily, and do it all while keeping the crowd in your line of sight. And back-to-back DJing is a breeze, thanks the DJM-TOUR1’s two independent headphone sections that let you monitor and cue tracks separately.

The TOUR1 set-up is as sturdy as the name suggests, with reinforced sides, lockable NEUTRIK etherCON® LAN ports, and gold plated RCAs – making it a stable set-up you can count on in any large-scale environment.


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