Milan’s Arcadia Cinema invests in Leopard

The recently upgraded Sala Energia auditorium at the Arcadia Melzo multiplex in suburban Milan, Italy is the first cinema anywhere to power all of its screen channels with Meyer Sound Leopard line array loudspeakers. The 630-seat Sala Energia now contains the most powerful permanent Meyer Sound cinema system in the world, as well as one of Europe’s largest Dolby Atmos systems.

“When I first heard the Leopard-based system in our Sala Energia, I was so excited and enthusiastic that I was moved to tears,” recalls Piero Fumagalli, owner of Arcadia Cinemas. “I sensed immediately that the clarity, dynamics, and musicality of the Leopard arrays represented a major improvement over the previous system.

“This new Meyer Sound system is our investment in the future,” continues Fumagalli. “Audiences are now willing to pay more to experience a film in the Sala Energia. We have patrons raving about both the sound and image technologies. In fact, they often applaud the sound demo trailers before the features.”


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