DVA for Reggae Icon Alpha Blondy

He’s an international reggae music icon since his first recordings during the 80’s. Fans and reggae aficionados call him “the African Bob Marley”. He crossed the borders of reggae music creating a unique “world” style with lyrics in English, French, Dioula, Arabic and Hebrew and inviting people to overcome any religious or cultural difference. He sang with the most popular Jamaican band, The Wailers, and played on big events and festival in Europe, Africa and America.

Alpha Blondy dB Technologies DVA

This is Alpha Blondy, the Ivory-Coast-born artist, who arrived in Italy a few weeks ago while promoting his most recent album, playing two gigs in Milan and Potenza with his 10-element band.

More than 2500 people attended the concert at Cycas Club in Potenza, where the rental company Sonora Service was in charge for Sound Reinforcement and Lights.

Alpha Blondy dB Technologies DVA

A complete flown DVA line array system powered the gig with 16 DVA T12 modules (8 per side) completed by 4 DVA T8 as front fill and 8 subs DVA S30N to complete the low end. Concerning the stage, Sonora Service provided 8 active wedges dBTechnologies DVX DM15 and 8 DVX DM12, in order to allow the Ivorian astist’s 10-piece band to enjoy a perfect response on the whole stage.

Alpha Blondy dB Technologies DVA

“The gig has been a complete success” says Sonora Serivce’s Sandro Martelli. “The opening act was the local band Basilski Roots for which Sonora’s Gianvito Amati and Rocco Amati served respectively as FOH and stage engineers. This allowed them to set the system for the main act, which run effortlessy. In facts, Alpha Blondy’s FOH engineer and the whole staff were more than satisfied and Alpha Blondy in person came to congratulate Sonora’s staff for our job and the effectiveness of the system.”

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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