D.A.S. Audio Systems reinforces fireworks fair

Fireworks weren’t the only thing making noise at the fourth annual Adelfia Fireworks Fair in Bari, Italy, with D.A.S. professional sound systems playing an active role in the event’s success. The fair drew in massive crowds this year, with 30,000 spectators turning out to see a series of firework displays designed by the top Italian companies in the industry.

The festivities fall on the same day that marks the festival of San Trifone and culminate in a fireworks show set to music. Pyrotechnic Emotions of the Past and Present was a group effort put on by Nanna Fireworks and Pirotécnica San Severo, while Omnia Service was called in to the technical side of the show.

Omni Service paired up with Antonio Armillotta when it came time to design the sound for this much-anticipated event, together deploying a power-packed selection of D.A.S. line array systems and Powersoft amps.

Two linear hangs of D.A.S. Event 210A powered line array systems were brought in for the main PA and were paired with six D.A.S. Event 218A, powered subwoofers explosive enough to provide lows that could stand up to the sound of the fireworks. Two relay towers equipped with a combination of D.A.S. Aero 28 and D.A.S. 218 subwoofer systems were also set up to contend with the large audience area.

“The sound work was delicate in terms of the size of the space: we had to cover an area nearly 300-meters long in front but with a barely 30-meter depth. The objective was to ensure uniform sound along the entire front of the audience, which we achieved by setting up an extremely robust PA combined with lighter delay towers,” says Alessandro Mazzetti, head of Omnia Service’s Audio Department.

“The sharpness of the Event 210A systems and the high sound pressure they provided deserves a special mention. We were also impressed with the powerful punch of the Event 218A subwoofers, which performed flawlessly. The entire system performed with the solvency and reliability characteristic of D.A.S. Audio products.

“To conclude we would like to thank Antonio Armillotta for their collaboration and contribution to the resounding success of this event as well as thank Stefano Rocchi from Audiosales and his team for providing their end-to-end support.”

Info: www.dasaudio.com

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