MADRIX® NEBULA and MADRIX® STELLA are two new hardware interfaces that are specifically designed for solid-state LED projects. MADRIX® STELLA allows a direct connection to DMX fixtures to control 2 DMX universes. MADRIX® NEBULA provides brand-new possibilities thanks to its direct

connection to a wide range of digital LED strips, stripes, and tape based on SPI chipsets, such as the WS28XX series and many more. Up to 1,360 RGB pixels can be controlled per device. The hardware design makes mounting on walls or DIN rails quick and easy. Control data is simply sent to a device over USB or computer network (Art-Net). Thanks to quality ‘Made in Germany’, they both also feature the MADRIX® synchronization mode in order to synchronize colors, visuals, and effects. This results in an optimal image without visual interruptions on the LEDs. Any small or large LED installation greatly benefits from these and many more features.

The MADRIX® brand brings powerful yet easy-to-use LED lighting control solutions based on innovative software and hardware to the lighting market.

MADRIX® is a professional LED lighting controller. It is a powerful and intuitive Windows® software and at the same time centerpiece of the MADRIX® range of control products. MADRIX® supports a lot of well-known industry standards, such as DMX512, Art-Net, Streaming ACN/E1.31, DVI, Eurolite T9, ColourSmart Link, Colorlight T9, Colorlight A8, Colorlight 5A, the Insta/ROBE protocols, Philips Color Kinetics (KiNET), and Philips Hue. The application supports pixel mapping and voxel mapping in all three planes – X, Y, and Z. It is a realtime effect generator, VJ software, and media server with outstanding capabilities to display unique effects and visuals. MADRIX® can be used alone or integrated into extensive lighting setups via Art-Net Remote, CITP, DMX-IN, MA-Net, MIDI-IN, Remote HTTP, and Time Code. Complementary MADRIX® hardware reliably controls your LED installation via MADRIX®. This provides a seamless integration of both software and hardware as well as high performance.


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