APIA Appoints Radio-Materiel as New Distributor

Apia is delighted to announce Radio-Materiel as their new exclusive distributor in  Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Radio-Materiel had its beginnings in 1932, specialising on the import and distribution of professional audio and video equipment, with their headquarter in Renens. They have a dedicated team for developing installation projects, a sales team, consulting team and a department of maintenance and repair services. Radio-Materiel has a showroom, dynamic web shop and a warehouse with upwards of 4000 articles in storage.

Radio-Materiel APIA Audio

Apia Pro Audio integrates the highest standards of electrical, mechanical and acoustic sciences in all their designs. Mechanical parts, designed by our expert engineers are developed by our research and development department through various simulation programs and environments.

All integrated materials dkp sheet, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber and polyethylene, have been selected by considering such fundamentals as resistance, ergonomics and resonance. At Apia, security is fundamental. After rigorous statistical and physical testing, heat treatment is applied on mounting and rigging supports to establish the highest level of security for the consumer.

By taking these factors into consideration, production is carried out by our informed operators in our high tech machine park. Apia’s quality control uses accredited laboratories for all mechanical system testing. The Apia brand guarantees that its products will be durable and accurate and will serve the end user for many long years.

APIA Pro Audio Factory

APIA’s Self Powered Series, the AXI Series, are self-powered speakers with 4 different sized stage monitors (AXI-IN, AXI-S, AXI-M, AXI-L) and a diffuser hybrid constant curvature suitable for use as a PA (AXI-Array). The AXI series uses a coaxial speaker technology as a technical solution with proven effectiveness in quality for the professional audio market. The natural studio monitor sound quality and the aural sensation of transparent sound, typical of coaxial systems, is adapted in the AXI series for proximity applications such as stage monitoring, front-fills, under-balcony fills and FOH live monitoring.

In the Touring Series, there are Three lines of Array systems, the first is the MIO as small, NUA medium and ARYO the largest of the series, all with their own sub. (MIO Sub / NUASub / RS Sub). The line array is completed by accessories for touring and the set- up of the systems for various applications.

At the heart of the APIA PRO AUDIO® integrated system approach, the QDS-13 and QDX-13 amplified controllers offer cutting edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network control, and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package. Based on similar platforms, the exceptional and ground-breaking performance level delivered by unit allow full optimization of the resources of all APIA PRO AUDIO® systems and deliver outstanding audio quality combined with the best possible transducer protection.

Info: www.apia.pro

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