NEXT-proaudio for Audience of 8000 at Music Awards

NEXT-proaudio recently supplied sound reinforcement for the 2016 Club Awards, held in Denmark. The whole sound system for the Awards, held on 19th March, was provided by Danish Rental Company Showtech Event Group.

Showtech Event Group from Denmark increased its NEXT-proaudio inventory 2 months ago, recently purchasing a large quantity of NEXT LA212x and Las418 cabinets from the Portuguese manufacturer.

NEXT-proaudio Club Awards 2016 LA Series

Sound reinforcement for the Club Awards comprised of models from the manufacturer’s LA Series, with a total of 16 LA212x,  16 LAs418 as FOH, 28 LA122 as outfill and delay system, 8 LA122W and 2 Las218 as front fill and DJ Monitoring,  Eight Lam112x were used as stage monitors for this edition of the Club Awards, which was held at the Ballerup Super Arena for more than 8000 people. 

NEXT-proaudio Club Awards 2016 LA Series

This event, considered to be Denmark’s coolest award show, is a celebration and tribute to the Danish clubbing scene, with 11 awards from the year awarded to Danish clubs. The event included performances from some of the most famous artists in Denmark such as Kato, Alexander Brown, Toomanylefthands // Tmlh, Ude Af Kontrol, Kenneth Bager, Muri & Mario, Visti & Meyland, Dj Martin Jensen, Funkstar Deluxe, Dj Aligator , Jimilian, Hedegaard, Djämes Braun, Morten Hampenberg, Yephayepha, Randers Cowboys, Almost There, Clemens, Bjørnskov, Snavs, Abbaz, Martin Baltzer, Few Wolves, Erik Connie, Lukas Visti, Dj Credit- Danish Dmc Champ, Faustix, Jeppe Loftager, Clara Sofie, Fat Pony, Steffwell, Adhd-Official , Fabian Mazur, Shila Mariposa Just, Electric Lady Lab-Official Page and Moto.

This important event was broadcast on MTV Channel the following week. 

NEXT-proaudio Club Awards 2016 LA Series

“The event is unique because it’s the biggest of its kind in Denmark. ShowTech event group were involved because we are a full service company. The main challenges we had to overcome where the stage design, which meant that people were standing with microphones in front of the main PA system. We are pleased and proud of the project because the sound was close to perfect. Even during the sound checks with the artists there was a buzz that this was the best sounding system that they ever had played on” said Jesper Christiansen, Showtech‘s Technical Director/


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