A New PL&S Location Puts Powersoft at the Top Table

This year’s Prolight & Sound show saw the halls of the Frankfurt Messe undergo a major reshuffle, a change which Powersoft took to like a dick to water. The company have reported another highly successful outing, with interest in Powersoft’s revolutionary amplifiers continuing to run high.

But the feature that particularly pleased Francesco Fanicchi, the company’s Brand and Communication Director, had been the radical decision to promote popular series such as the ‘X’ and Ottocanali families by application, rather than technical characteristics.

Powersoft Prolight Sound 2016

“This new concept brought us closer to users’ needs and enabled them to choose the right amps for the right applications,” he said. “In particular, it helped us to make the distinction with our two rack amp lines, that are now well delineated.” 

Visitors were also impressed by the latest reboot version of Deva, the company’s unique multimedia device that integrates solar power, bi-directional wireless A/V communication, lighting, and Class D amplifier in a compact, weatherproof enclosure. Fanicchi says that as a result of showing the full potential of Deva there are now many installation projects in the pipeline. The company recently launched a new website and hired a dedicated product manager for the device. 

“By showing Deva’s many applications visitors were able to get a perfect idea of its full potential. Only by providing ‘hands on’ interaction is it possible to engage the user with the product, so they can understand how it can be deployed in outdoor applications.” 

And yet possibly the biggest buzz word flying around the Powersoft booth was ‘M-Force’ as word of its unbelievable power handling performance cascades around the industry. An innovative and unique transducer based on a patented moving magnet linear motor structure, M-Force is fast achieving real-world application in the industry. For example, AudioFocus showcased for the first time its TS40 infra sub powered by Powersoft M-Force linear motor while Funktion One launched its F132 sub with M-Force and APIA Audio launched RSM-FORCE — a double 22” sub. 

Powersoft Prolight Sound 2016

These companies are in addition to D.A.S. Audio, Aura Audio, EAW Avalon Subs and ATK that have already developed their subs using Powersoft technology.

Overall, the company says it is now recognised as a serious player. “It didn’t matter who we were speaking to at the booth… industry players, journalists, partners and general visitors — the feedback was unanimous. They were telling us that Powersoft is now seen everywhere and commanding enormous respect,” continued Francesco Fanicchi. 

“Many loudspeaker companies use Powersoft rack amps to drive their passive loudspeakers, while others are using our amp modules — which makes us very proud, as it shows we are becoming an enduring brand.

“The company stands and falls by its brand value and all our distributors and partners around the globe are ambassadors for nurturing that brand.

“We have put a lot of effort into producing technologically advanced products, and such is the confidence customers now have in the brand, that once they have sampled the reliability of Powersoft they never need to look elsewhere.”

Info: www.powersoft-audio.com

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