SPOTLIGHT supports educational institutions in Germany with the EduSet 50

As a representative for various educational institutions JochenFünders (theatre electrician and lecturer) received the EduSet 50 from Thomas Nell (International Sales Manager SPOTLIGHT) at the 2016 Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

SPOTLIGHT is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers the full range of professional lighting equipment (Fresnel, PC, Zoom Profiler, Follow and Cyclorama) with power ranges from 15W up to 600W and available in WW (WarmWhite, 3.000K), NW (NeutralWhite, 4.000K), CW (ColdWhite, 5.000K) and RGBW.

The GreenLine 50W product range provides the perfect luminaires for educational purposes:

  • GreenLine offers the full range: Fresnel, Zoom Profiler and PC
  • the compact luminaires aren’t heavy, so transport and handling are easy
  • low power consumption, convenient for „common“ class rooms
  • operated locally via poti and externally via DMX
  • uses the same accessories (leaf barn doors, shutter and gobo) as halogen lamps
  • very little heat generation, so the handling is safe for students
  • in it’s dimensions and functions the GreenLine 50W range matches it’s bigger counterparts that are used daily in studios, theatres and opera houses around the world

Lecturers and educational institutions can lend the EduSet 50 free of charge for educational purposes.


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