PL+S 2016 – Outline

Italian manufacturer Outline has chosen Prolight & Sound 2016 to launch their new VEGAS series of loudspeakers.

Outline PLS2016 VEGAS

The loudspeakers are designed for contemporary installation and the series features an application specific, super-compact, wide dispersion under balcony loudspeaker. It also features three compatible, custom coaxial loaded loudspeakers.

The VEGAS 24, 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX models feature high quality Italian made components, and are of course manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as Outline’s high-end touring audio products.

Versatility, attractive pricing and first-class power handling are the main focusses of the range, and with an asymmetric cabinet design any VEGAS CX model can be used as a floor monitor or stage front fill.

We also were lucky enough to take an exclusive look at Newton, an ingenious loudspeaker management system which is sure to make a significant impact on the market, drastically reducing the need for multiple units when working with different input formats and system outputs. Stay tuned for more information, as we’ll be publishing this from Outline as the product is officially launched!


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