PL+S 2016 – Clair Bros

Hands up who knows the monitor Clair Bros 12AM? Or better still, raise your hand if you do not know it. It’s a monitor that has had the privilege of facing the greatest artists and resting on the most prestigious stages in the world, and the first choice in many technical riders. How can you explain such a success? Perhaps because it is a classic, a simple and successful project since its first appearance on the market many years ago. With a functional and robust shape, and the combination of a 12” woofer and a 2” driver for a balanced sound, it is always in focus, defined and dry.

Today comes the successor, the 1AM. It loses the “2” in the name but gains a coaxial driver. A single source emission for bass and treble will probably help greatly in terms of coherence and focus. It remains to be determined if it has the same beautiful “slap” of its ancestor. But we’ll soon be checking!

clair bros pls2016
Moreover, thanks to the rigging points present in the chassis, and to some clever factors in its construction, it can also be used as a point source and, of course, coupled to a subwoofer for a fuller sound system.

An absolute novelty in the Clair Bros house is 1 AM+, the first active monitor ever produced by the company. 1.5AM features a 15” woofer, is coaxial, and a driver of 4”, which will probably work well for most “tougher” applications, where more sound pressure is needed, like for drum fills, bass wedge etc.

Also new are the small 8” coaxial point source speakers, 8CX, and 5” coaxial 5CX, which may be suitable for front-fill, monitoring or sound reinforcement in general.



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