PL+S 2016 – Highlite

The variety of products on display here from Highlite is outstanding. They are showcasing a large number of products from all of their key brands, including Showtec, DAP Audio, Infinity, DMT and Artecta. The biggest focus from the company with regards to their lighting products are two new fixtures from the Infinity range – the Infinity iS-400 and iFX-615.

PLS2016 Highlite Infinity iFX-516

The Infinity iS-400 is a powerful LED spot moving head, powered by a 440W LED chip, and equipped with high grade optics, meaning this fixture is more than capable of replacing a traditional 700W/800W discharge fixture. Other elements from this feature-packed fixture include a zoom range of 13 to 37 degrees, double rotating gobo wheel, CMY and dichroic colour wheel, CTO, Prism, Frost and Iris control. In addition to the gobo wheels, each wheel has an additional multi-coloured gobo which can be combined and morphed to create both impressive projections and mid-air effects.

PLS2016 Highlite

The iFX-516 is a moving batten, a fixture type that has proven to be very popular on the market over the past couple of years. As well as continuous rotation on both the X and Y-axis, it also features 2 separately tilt-able LED sections, made up of 3 LEDs each, with a movement of +/- 15 degrees. Each of the LEDS is a 15W RGBW, which feature pixel control to enable extended creativity to lighting designers.


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