PL+S 2016 – Cast Software

At the Arcus booth, the german distributer of Wysiwyg, we have taken a look at all of the the features of the last version of the software, R36.


Dino Mazza, product manager of Cast Software showed us the innovations of this new release. First of all the graphics, a layout with a choice of colours that does not tire the viewer in case of prolonged use. New import formats from the most common 3D softwares have been introduced, and the performance has been improved by changing the system architecture. Also new is the ability to customise the layout, and the possibility of interfacing with sketch up, widely used by specialists of 3d, with the possibility of dividing the object into multiple layers.

In a few months the new release 37 will be available, with a grouping function for more than one layer, for a better organisation of the show. In addition, a series of new products will be implemented for the preparation of the plot, studied to optimise the sizing and the possibility of the fixture colour for better software viewing.


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