PL+S 2016 – Steinigke

Three major new releases here from Steinigke at Prolight & Sound 2016. We have the Eurolite X Series of Moving Heads, The Eurolite Move Controller 512 Pro, and an update to their intuitive Light’J software.

First let’s take a look at the X Series. Made up of Spot, Matrix, Wash and Beam, the fixtures in the series are designed to provide bright output and to be fully equipped, but at an attractive price level unlike other moving heads of this level of quality. The X Series is aimed at production companies, event technicians and clubs who want to get the absolute best value out of their fixtures.

Steinigke PLS 2016 X Series Light J

Then we have the Move Controller 512 Pro, a controller with motorised faders which is capable of controlling up to 24 fixtures of up to 34 channels per device, making it the perfect companion for moving heads and devices with RGB or RGBW LEDs. Other features include colour-illuminated buttons, as well as a USB connector for easily backing up programmed light-shows and fixture patching.

Steinigke PLS 2016 Eurolite Move Controller 512 Pro

Finally, we have the latest update to the company’s Light-J App, a lighting control software package designed for iPad and iPhone. With the latest release, the software will soon be available for use on Android devices as well as on iOS, and the software is now open to all devices from any manufacturer. Besides the 300+ preset fixtures already built in, it is now simple to programme in your own fixture and control via simple to use faders and buttons.


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