APG to Launch New Uniline Compact Range at ProLight + Sound 2016

APG, the French loudspeaker manufacturer and inventor of the “Modular Line Array” concept, will launch a new modular compact line array system at ProLight + Sound 2016 (Frankfurt, 5 to 8 April) on a dedicated stand (Hall3.1 Stand H54).

The UC206W (for Wide), UC206N (for Narrow) and the UC115B (for Bass) are the 3 main elements of APG’s Uniline Compact range. These new flexible enclosures are based on the same concept that has made the success of the Uniline range, boasting constant horizontal directivity and superior sonic performance.

Both UC206N and UC206W are 3way acoustic bi-amp and horn loaded line source speakers. The wide version offers 105° of constant horizontal acoustic dispersion, while the narrow boasts 70°. Used as a main FOH system the UC206N can cater for music venues of up to 1,500 people while the UC206W will be the solution of choice for smaller venues from 100 people.

Speaking about the new models, Grégory Dapsanse, Marketing & Business Development Director at APG commented: “Having the choice between two models allows professionals to adapt the horizontal coverage of their sound system depending on the acoustic environment, and focus the acoustic energy on the listening area.”

The new compact line sources host a new smaller ISOTOP™ motor, APG’s flagship technology. It is fitted with 5″ and 0.5″ neodymium drivers loaded on a new Isotop15TM waveguide allowing vertical coupling from 0° to 15°. The ISOTOP output and the two 6,5’’ bass cone drivers are loaded by a common frontal horn, allowing an extremely precise directivity control.

Thanks to this complex acoustic design, APG is the only manufacturer who can guarantee a constant directivity across the entire frequency range of [450 Hz – 19 KHz], with no dispersion diminution in the high range.

The UC206N is characterised by a “narrow” horizontal dispersion of only 70°, constant from 450 Hz to 19 KHz. The resulting directivity index is particularly well suited to improve critical distance as well as intelligibility indoors and to increase throw distance substantially for outdoor productions.

Inside the UC206W, a wider frontal horn design confers a wide horizontal dispersion of 105°, thus providing a very wide stereo image even in short and medium throw. The UC206W will be suitable for various configurations: it can be used on its own, clustered with the UC206N, for downfill, frontfill or sidefill and in conjunction with the larger Uniline systems.

Thanks to its perfectly homogenous wide acoustic field, the UC206W will also be the perfect solution for spatial and immersive sound systems based on the WFS (Wave Front Synthesis) concept.

Both products can be coupled with a new dedicated LF speaker, the UC115B, to deliver a full range performance and reinforce the low frequencies as required. Additional 18” APG subs, like the UL118B of Uniline series, can also be used for infra-bass extension when required

APG will also be presenting for the first time at an international trade show the DA50.4, a new amplifier with an integrated DSP (4x 5,000W at 2 Ohms). Both the new UC206 line and amplifiers are currently shipping.

Finally, APG will be making a major corporate announcement on its stand at 1pm on the first day of the show.

Visit APG at PL+S 2016 on stand 3.1 H54.

Info: www.apg.audio/en/

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