K-array for Eurovision Hungary Judges

It’s one of the longest-running annual TV song competitions, and with a growing fan base across the world, the Eurovision Song Contest has gone from strength to strength among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) since 1956. For the competition, each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and radio and then casts votes for the other countries’ submissions to determine the most popular song in the competition.

K-Array Eurovision Hungary

The qualification round for the 2016 edition is well underway and with country pride on the line, MTVA Hungarian National Broadcast is not leaving anything to chance. Requiring perfect sound dispersion in the area where the judges are located so that they can hear each and every minor detail of the performance, they tasked local distributor Audio Partner to provide solutions that meet these demands.

Audio Partner provided K-array equipment for a live demo and after the testing, MTVA selected to purchase two KAN200 Anakondas and a pair of KR202 active portable systems.

“The location of the jury, close to the stage is a bit problematic. The main PA system in the studio is usually too high to provide good coverage for this area. With the Anakondas, we can achieve a very good intelligibility and a strong, concrete and detailed sound for the judges while keeping the studio volume low so as not to disturb the microphones.” said Zsolt Gyulai, FOH and monitor engineer.

K-Array Eurovision Hungary

Confirming the show’s success and the satisfaction of the clients, Gyulai adds: “And another important advantage: the speaker is totally invisible. We will use it in all of our live music shows.”

The K-array Anakonda KAN200 is a revolutionary speaker module born to meet the needs of places where few had dared to go up to now. It is designed to be a problem solver in situations where a traditional speaker box can’t be used but where good intelligibility, ultra-reliability and a sleek design are required. Each KAN200 module is 2m (6.6 ft) long. Up to 32 modules can be interconnected, creating a continuous sound line, 64m (209,97 ft) in length. Integrated male and female speakon NL4 connectors hide all connections inside the “body” of the speaker.

Info: www.k-array.com

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