LAB GRUPPEN release LAKE Controller v6.4.3

LAB GRUPPEN have announced the release of LAKE Controller v6.4.3 which offers users of PLM+, D Series and LM Series users enhanced user experience. Specifically, according to LAB GRUPPEN Product Manager Martin Andersson, v6.4.3 offers improved handling of unused modules in the controller whilst also putting important bugs to rest, making a rock solid v6.4!

LAB GRUPPEN release LAKE Controller v6.4.3All PLM+ and D Series users are requested to upgrade to this version at the earliest convenience.

New Page Type

A new page called #Unused prevents modules from appearing on the ‘All Page’. Moving any module to an #Unused page will prevent All Page visibility but will not change setting within the module. When an #Unused page is full, a second page will be generated automatically.

Alphabetical Page Sorting

The ‘All Page’ is now sorted alphabetically by frame label – which is the amplifier model name by default.

New: Lake LoadLibrary v3.8 

Brand new TW Audio speaker presets!


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