ZioGiorgio at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2016

ZioGiorgio is present at the biggest event in the Far East dedicated to show-business technologies: Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2016.


The first impression is of this large fair that already on the first day already there is an apparent presence of high visitor numbers, scattered in the vastness of the various pavilions. We noticed good management of the crowds and numerous security controls, together with great excitement and an air of optimism.

With regards to the products, there’s a great attention to  European brands, and a lot of other products inspired” by these original ones. It’s hard to find real innovations or some experimental products.

Inside the halls dedicated to lighting and video are an infinite number of fixtures. There are many attempts to compose LED arrays in various forms but it’s difficult to find something really new, with a great number of moving heads, some of them made well, but a lot of others low budget/quality products.

On the contrary there is a large amount of very high quality LED screens, both in terms of definition and colour rendering. The difference, as always, is given by the board that controls the LEDs, along with their cooling systems, rigging and assembly methods.


Speaking of audio, we noticed many renowned projects, with components that have pretty good quality levels, allowing the manufacturers to create solutions that put out a decent sound. Here the difference is also made by the rigging system, the quality of the materials and the management and prediction software.

We’ll be back soon with some more details from Prolight + Sound in Guangzhou!

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