HSL Group adds SGM Q-7s to architectural fleet

Lancashire-based HSL Group has taken the ambitious step of providing lighting designers in architectural segments with an invaluable resource for project work.

A major investment in 250 of SGM’s multi-purpose Q-7s, an IP65-rated combination flood/strobe/blinder, augments a department which already contains over 100 G-Spots, as well as P-5 and P-2 wash lights.

The idea was hatched jointly by HSL Group MD, Simon Stuart, and SGM UK MD, Ian Kirby. With regional bases in Ireland, Kent and Southampton, the potential for HSL Group to capitalise in this sector becomes immense, the two men believe.

Explaining the move, Simon Stuart said, “We want to introduce more of these stunning lights to the marketplace and open a greater supply line for both temporary and permanent architectural projects. These fixtures are not only suitable because they are IP65 rated – they are also fantastically bright – and in spite of all that power, which makes them ideal for lighting all types of buildings and structures – you can use so many on a single 16-amp run.”

A large quantity of HSL’s new Q-7s immediately went out to illuminate a landmark London building over Christmas and New Year.

“I am investing with the future in mind.” Simon added, “We expect them to be requested by the hundred rather than just a few, and over time periods of varying lengths.”

The Q-7s join HSL’s growing inventory of SGM LED architectural and event lighting solutions. Regular client James Bawn, a frequent user of P-5 and P-2 wash lights as well as G-Spots for a wide range of illumination requirements, says, “I am very much a fan of these SGM products. Around 80% of my work is based outdoors which always has it challenges. Without doubt the IP65 rating makes life much easier and enhances creative flexibility. The SGM products are superb both optically and physically.”

And Ian Kirby adds, “Simon’s initiative makes outdoor lighting more available for use on a temporary basis – pretty much for the first time within the architectural sector. Project work can consequently be costed more favourably with the option of hiring SGM lighting solutions over the required period and without the need for a huge capital investment.”

Info: www.sgmlight.com

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