The Bridge Update with Showtec

Nightclub “The Bridge“, in the German town of Meppen, has recently been completely renovated and re-opened with the new name “Update“. The completely refurbished cub has seven different areas, consisting of a combined total dance floor space of more than 3000 m2. All of the show lighting for the new spaces have been provided by Highlite.

The Bridge Nightclub Update Meppen Highlite

Update is known for inviting famous DJs such as DJ Jean, DJ Dyna, Mr. Polska, and the Showtek duo. This impressive line-up is supported by a spectacular light show. The main stage alone boasts the Showtec Tracker Q4, Phantom 20 LED Beam, Phantom 50 LED Spot, Infinity iW-720, and the Pixel Bar 8 COB. The truss installation can be operated electrically and comes with high-speed hoists. The trusses come with Showtec Octostrips. The Showtec Spectral 300 Q4s hang in a grid in the trusses with which impressive colour chases can be created.

The Bridge Nightclub Update Meppen Highlite

The sides of the main area are lighted with the LED Light Bar 16. Several Phantom 75 LED spots and Phantom 225 LED spots help to further illuminate this area. The area also showcases the 1500W Titan Strobe. Fifty Disco Stars are hung in the trusses. Spectacular chases have been programmed as a result of these devices and the unique DMX address. The light beams shoot across the dance floor like laser beams.

The technical aspects of this renovation were completed by Light Sound Communication (LSC) located in Voerde, Germany. Dirk Wennmann was in charge of this project and together with his team, created a spectacular new light show for this nightclub.


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