Nexo STM reinforces El Papa in Mexico City

As part of a five-day state visit, Pope Francis arrived in the famous Zocalo square in Mexico City, where a huge stage, surrounded by Nexo STM PA clusters, was prepared in front of the Palacio Nacional and a crowd of 40,000.

This was his first visit to Mexico, the most Catholic country in the Spanish-speaking world. At this ceremony, the head of Mexico City’s federal government presented the Pontiff with the keys to the city. As he did a walkabout through the Zocalo, greeting the faithful, the Cathedral bells sounded out and orchestras played Mexican music on stage.

The square stage, a virtual 360° presentation including giant video screens on each side, deployed four L/R arrayed systems of Nexo STM. Each array used nine sets of STM M46 main + B112 bass cabinets, with three M28 down-fill beneath the line. With Nexo’s PS15s for front-fill and stage monitoring, the system design by Sergio Zenteno used a total of 240 Nexo cabinets.

Actidea, the technical services company for the Presidential bureau of Mexico, appointed Tecno Son Espectaculos to provide the sound reinforcement for the event. As it has done before, Tecnoson collaborated with other Nexo STM rental houses ROA and Star to source the large inventory required for the event.


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