DTS Fixtures Used Heavily for Sanremo Festival

150 DTS moving heads, including EVO, RAPTOR and NICK NRG 1201, have lit the stage for five evenings of the most important Italian song contest: the Sanremo Festival, which was attended by major international artists such as Sir Elton John, Ellie Goulding and Maitre Gims.

DTS Evo Raptor NICK NRG 1201 Sanremo Festival

The Festival, broadcast live on Eurovision, was held in the historic Teatro Ariston from 9th to 13th February. The artistic director and conductor of the Festival has repeatedly praised the eye-catching lighting of the event. The EVO, RAPTOR and NRG 1201 moving heads were supplied for the event by AMG International.

DTS Evo Raptor NICK NRG 1201 Sanremo Festival

The DTS EVO features a true Beam and a true Spot in a single unit, giving users the flexibility of both applications. In beam mode, EVO delivers  61,200 Lux at 25 metres, and more than 15,300 at 50 metres, and is capable of projecting a super concentrated beam of light over long distances. A wide variety of gobos for unique mid-air effects are available. In Spot mode, EVO offers striking brightness (over 45,000 Lux at 25 metres) and an extra-wide linear Zoom (3.5° – 39°).

The DTS RAPTOR is one of the most compact Beam moving head on the market: just 37 cm x 50 cm. RAPTOR projects a powerful beam of light (150.000 Lux / 15 m), and can perfectly focus its 17 gobos at any distance.

NICK NRG 1201 is an efficient LED moving head wash light. Thanks to its specifically developed optical group, and the exceptional brightness/consumption ratio, the NICK NRG 1201 a truly “green” fixture. The fixture is equipped with 30 high-power full-colour LEDs (RGBW), and features 8°- 50° motorized zoom with a high-efficiency optical system enabling it to be used as a PC Beam or a very wide Wash, all with ultra-fast silent Pan/Tilt.

Info: www.dts-lighting.com

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