Eurolite Release the LED THA-250F

When taking a halogen spot and Eurolite‘s new LED THA-250F side-by-side, there really aren’t any differences to note on the light output of both fixtures. With its 250W COB LED, the LED spot has the ability to replace traditional theatre spots of up to 2000W, whilst adding extra functionality.


This question has been discussed a lot in the last years: Can LEDs really replace conventional luminaires? The answer is widely known – yes, they can for many applications, with theatres and TV productions forming a huge number of these applications. The Eurolite THA-250F is another example of this, one which has convinced even the last of the skeptics.

A comfortably warm colour temperature of 2800 Kelvin and a high colour rendering index of 92 makes all the difference. The 250W LED comfortably replaces halogen spots of 1500 to 2000W.

Perfect for silent surroundings

The fan is hardly audible. It works quietly as a whisper and allows use of the spot even in sound sensitive places like theatres and TV studios. Of course, the THA-250F creates a flicker-free projection and is perfectly suited for use on camera.

Motorized beam angle

Control is possible via DMX command or via 2 endless potentiometers on the spot itself. The beam angle is adjustable between 13° and 45° with a motor, which can also be controlled directly via DMX.


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