dBTechnologies at ISE 2016

dBTechnologies will be presenting their range of professional audio systems at next month’s ISE 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is the first time that the Italian manufacturer has taken part for the first time at ISE, showcasing the highlights of its installation series at booth 7-C190. The event runs from 9th to 12th February.

dBTechnologies ISE 2016 Ingenia

INGENIA: smart column speakers to ease any installation

A very special spotlight will be focused on the complete active column speaker series INGENIA, whose sober design perfectly combines with advanced DSP functions, allowing a smooth and easy optimization of the PA system’s coverage and acoustic coherence.

The Ingenia range boasts four models encompassing power ratings from 400W to 900W, all driven by the manufacturer’s Digipro G3 amplifier modules, which allow to deliver powerful SPLs in moderate dimensions and weight.

While all of the models of the series are designed to work individually, they can also be coupled: each INGENIA is equipped with an IR radiator that detects the presence of a potential mate and facilitates DSP synch between columns establishing a master/slave configuration and automatically calculating via a wizard the ideal coverage and acoustic coherence. In addition to that, when 2 Ingenias work toghether, a sophisticated digital steering function allows users to adjust the vertical dispersion.

DVA MINI: line array technology meets design

The successful dBTechnologie’s small size active line array system DVA M2M+M2S, also known as DVA MINI, will be also showcased for the first time at ISE.

DVA MINI adds the outstanding size/performance ratio and the ease of use of dBTechnologies’ DVA line array family to an exceptionally low weight and a simple and elegant design, features which proved DVA MINI to be perfect for indoor permanent installations as in clubs, theatres and houses of worship.

The main innovation of DVA MINI is the Master + Slave design, which simplifies wiring operations and optimises the total weight of the system. The system is completed by DVA MS12 ultra compact, flyable active subwoofer, whose design perfectly matches the line array modules.

dBTechnologies ISE 2016 DVA MINI


dBTechnologies will also presents his most recent point source active speaker series LVX: the lightweight, stylish and powerful answer to installation requirements.

The range includes 4 models ranging from 400W (LVX 8 and LVX 10) to 800W (LVX 12 and 15) powered by dBTechnologies’s DIGIPRO amplifiers. LVX’s design allows both vertical or horizontal installations thanks to the optional brackets.

dBTechnologies ISE 2016 LVX

DVA T8: the active answer to installation requirements

In the last few years, active line array system DVA T8 has become one of dBTechnologies’ most emblematic creations, making the most of line array technologies benefits. Premium components come together to deliver superior audio quality and mighty SPL in a remarkably light, easy to handle line array module, which easily adapts to any kind of architectural design thanks to its elegant and small footprint look.

DVA T8 is a 3-way module equipped with a 8” bass reflex neodymium woofer, 1 horn loaded 6.5” midrange with a 2” voice coil and phase plug device, and two 1”drivers with constant directivity horn. These components have been optimally arranged to obtain a uniform 100° by 15° coverage per module. Highly efficient Class D amplifiers allow to connect up to 8 modules on a unique 16 ampere 220V line.

T8 is also equipped with a RDNET port which allows the system to be controlled and monitored remotely in real-time via dBTechnologies’ DVA Network control software.

A rotary on the module’s rear panel allow to choosing from 9 different preset options plus a personal setting which can be saved. This way, users adapt the module’s frequency response to aiming distance and to coupling with other modules within the same array, thus optimizing the sound in a consistent and balanced way, without the use of any external processors.


MOVING D is dBTechnologies’ brilliant comeback to wireless technology: a state of the art product in terms of digital high frequency transmission.

MOVING D is a unique wireless microphone system, the only one in the world able to manage the entire UHF band. The system is equipped with a scanner that operates between 470 and 890 Megahertz: this way, Moving D works with a 400 Megahertz continuous range without band switch. Where regulations require to work on specific intervals, the system allows you to select from among more than 16,000 frequencies, so that the system can be potentially used in every country of the world.

As with the receiver, the transmitters also operate across the entire band, so the system can be completely user-adjustable and there is no need to substitute the transmitter in cases of interference or changes in regulations.

dBTechnologies: Professional Audio trailblazer

dBTechnologies headquarters are located in Bologna, Italy, where all dBTechnologies products are designed and developed. Over the years, thanks to a policy of considerable investments in R&D, design and manufacturing technologies, dBTechnologies products have gained substantial recognition for some groundbreaking technological innovations, as well as their inherent standards of quality. In particular, dBTechnologies has been one of the industry’s trailblazer in active speaker & digital amplifier technologies, while giving a major emphasis to details and design. A constant research on new materials and technologies, together with the ability to create unique design solutions, are the key ingredients for an ever-increasing market share and success.

Presently, dBTechnologies is distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide, providing installation companies, rental companies, sound designers and musicians with audio equipment combining top-quality sound performance with Made in Italy design.

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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