Clair Global Releases New Flagship System: The Cohesion Series

Clair Global listened to their clients and is now offering their new flagship system: The Cohesion Series. The philosophy that inspired The Cohesion is centered on creating the highest quality and most efficient speaker system. The Cohesion’s unique design allows for exceptionally smooth horizontal pattern control throughout its’ entire range in a very compact package. The Series consists of five speaker enclosures that provide high output reference-quality sound within a smaller footprint in both truck space and in the air.

“The Cohesion combines the best possible sound quality, highest maximum SPL capability, and incredible efficiency.  We reduced the weight and size of the PA considerably, while improving virtually all aspects of its acoustic behavior,” said Jim Bowersox, Clair Global Design Engineer.

“The new Cohesion Series is going to give other manufacturers a run for their money. It’s absolutely amazing,” said Derek Brener, FOH Engineer for The Weeknd.

Efficient Design
In addition to the sound quality, special emphasis was put into maximizing efficiency.  “Based on feedback from our clients, we knew that our job was to design a system that does more with less. Now we offer a 270-degree coverage system that fits into 30 feet of a truck. The system is engineered for speed and safety,” said Shaun Clair, VP of Sales for Clair Global.

It’s a “Green” System

The Cohesion Series was also conceived to be a very “green” system.  By reducing the weight and size, less fuel is required to transport the system from gig to gig.  All Cohesion Series amplifiers, including the CP-118 and CP-218 self-powered subwoofers, are Power Factor Corrected for extremely high-energy efficient operation, both of which allow tours to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Who is Using The Cohesion System

In 2016, The Cohesion Series is being deployed to both existing and new Clair Global clients as they hit the road. Expect to experience this technology at shows with artists such as Carrie Underwood, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, The Weeknd and Black Sabbath, just to name a few.

Learning the System

In addition to Clair’s comprehensive in-house training program, they are expanding their curriculum to offer specialized education classes for The Cohesion Series. This ensures that all of Clair Global’s road staff remain current with the new technology.  Clair also provides regular field training with their personnel at events in order to guarantee maximum quality control, consistency, and safety on all of their systems in addition to the new flagship line.

“I am proud to be part of the team that is boldly advancing the entertainment experience for the next generation,” said Matt Clair, Director of Operations for Clair Global.


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