Elation’s First Launch Products of 2016 Set for NAMM Show

The upcoming NAMM Show January 21-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center will see Elation’s first product launches of the new year, the ACL 360i™ single beam moving effect luminaire and Protron 3K Color™LED strobe.

The two new innovations will feature at Booth #5774in Hall Balongside Elation’s multi award-winningPlatinum FLX™ hybrid moving head and thePlatinum HFX™, a new compact addition to Elation’s hybrid family of beam, spot and wash luminaires. Visitors will also be able to see Elation’s much talked about EMOTION™ moving head digital light with its next generation digital lighting technology and accessible price tag. Other products in Elation’s leading line of professional lighting solutions will also be on display.

The NAMM Show is North America’s largest trade show for music industry products and the perfect opportunity to talk to a qualified Elation professional about bringing your lighting system to the next level.

ACL360i™:The new ACL 360i™ is apowerful single beam moving effect luminaire featuring a single 60W RGBW LED and new advanced collimator optic lens, which produces a laser-like homogenized 4° color-changing beam. It features 10 and 45 degree frost lens options (included), fast and precise16-bit continuous 360° pan and tilt rotation, strobe, color macros and selectable dimming curve effects. Compact at only 330mm tall and 5.2 kg, it consumes only 110W of max power.

Protron 3K Color™:The new Protron 3K Color™ is a high-power LED strobe light featuring 240 x 3W LEDs (60 x RGBW) and 40,000 lumens of peak power for an explosion of color and without thermal issues. Utilizing special optics and new LED driver technology, the Protron 3K Color features built-in macros like burst, pulse and lighting effects. Energy-efficient with two power modes and a peak power output of 800W, it delivers a much better ROI compared to other 3,000W Xenon strobes on the market.

Platinum FLX™:With a unique patent-pending dual optical system that gives a uniform and brighter Spot field (2.9° to 25°), a narrower beam angle and brighter central point in Beam mode (1.8° – 18°), and a higher-quality flat field Wash effect, this award-winning multi-functional 3-in-1 luminaire has clear advantages over traditional hybrid systems.Its 470W Philips™ MSD Platinum 20R lamp emits up to 23,000 lumens and its intelligent optical system can mechanically switch between Beam and Spot modes quickly and accurately. It offers full CMY color mixing, an extra 10 dichroic colors including UV, CTB and linear CTO color correction, two gobo wheels, 6-way linear and 8-facet rotating prisms, animation and wash frost effects and more.

Platinum HFX™:The Platinum HFX is a new compact addition to Elation’s hybrid family of beam, spot and wash luminaires. This feature-packed hybrid effects moving head houses the new Philips™ MSD Platinum 14R 280W lamp which gives 12,000 total lumens of power. Capable of zooming 2.3° to 15° in beam mode, 3° to 22° in spot mode, and 10° to 34° in wash mode, its host of design features includes 13 dichroic colors (including UV and new quad color RGBY filter, CTO and CTB color correction), 8 rotating-interchangeable gobos and 12 static-stamped gobos, 3 prisms, wash frost effects and more likeArt-Net support.

EMOTION™:  The EMOTION is a compact yet powerful  (4,000 ANSI lumens) moving head digital light that brings to the market the latest in next generation digital lighting technology at a price to performance ratio never seen before. The EMOTION is a plug and play DMX moving light just like a traditional moving light yet houses an on-board media server w/ 64GB SSHD and royalty-free digital art/videos. Custom content can also be easily uploaded via a CMA application. It features a projection quality that allows for use in a wide range of professional stage, studio, theatrical, club and event applications. Extremely easy to use, users don’t need an abundance of DMX channels to operate it like other digital lights on the market.

Info: www.elationlighting.com

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