Chauvet European HQ Launch in Belgium

On the 18th November, ZioGiorgio was invited by Chauvet, a leading supplier of entertainment lighting, to attend the official launch of their new European HQ. The facility, located near Ghent, Belgium, will act as the distribution point for the surrounding European areas, in particular Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The new headquarters follows in the steps of Chauvet’s branch in the United Kingdom, based in Nottingham, and will act as a major line of support for Chauvet’s distributor’s and strategic partners right across Europe. The new office will also play a key role in servicing and supporting distributors elsewhere on the European mainland, emphasising particularly on France, Germany and Italy.

Chauvet Belgium HQ Launch ZioGiorgio

“Given the success of our operations in the UK, it made sense to expand to an inland facility so we can better serve customers not only in the Benelux area but also throughout the continent,” said Chauvet President Albert Chauvet. “With high profile products like our CHAUVET Professional Nexus and ÉPIX being seen worldwide, and the widespread following of CHAUVET DJ in multiple countries, we’ve established globally recognized brands. This facility will help bring these brands to more markets, even more rapidly.”

“We are eager to see our new Belgium subsidiary build on the success that we have enjoyed elsewhere,” said Michael Brooksbank, General Manager of Chauvet Europe. “Having been involved with the Chauvet UK operation since its inception in 2010, it’s been very gratifying to see how the European market has responded so positively to our formula of offering quality-driven value products and supporting them with a passion for service.”

Chauvet European HQ Launch ZioGiorgio

It is certainly true to say that Chauvet is a brand that has substantially widened its footprints across Europe over the past few years. With both it’s Professional and DJ divisions hosting a wide variety of sector-specific fixtures, it has created a product range to suit any budget within the market, from the weekend DJ to the professional touring company. Chauvet also has two other major strings to their bow, in the forms of Iluminarc and Trusst. The first, Illuminarc, is a range of products for architectural lighting, including both interior and exterior IP rated lighting solutions. The second is Trusst, a rugged yet lightweight trussing solution, consisting of truss, clamps and presentation solutions.

Chauvet Belgium HQ Launch ZioGiorgio

The Belgium Launch was attended by over 200 lighting professionals, journalists and industry specialists, and included a tour of the facility, product demonstrations, a full light show of Chauvet fixtures and, of course, a feast of Belgian food and drink. As well as celebrating the launch of the new facilities, the event also served as a celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary. The company was formed in 1980 by Albert and Berenice Chauvet, who started off as a distributor of rope lighting, operating from their warehouse in North Miami Beach. Chauvet soon grew, and before too long they were starting development of fixtures, and supplying OEM fixtures to the mobile DJ and club markets. Before long, Chauvet was moving into the professional market, specialising in LED fixtures, and in 2006 Chauvet becomes the first company to win the LDI Best Big Booth Award for a booth displaying predominantly LED-fitted lights. 

The company’s focus on the customer journey was something that was clearly emphasised at the event, which featured speeches from Albert Chauvet, and also Chauvet Europe Manager, Michael Brooksbank. Both welcomed all of the event’s guests to the new building, as well as thanking customers for their continued business and support, encouraging the attendees to continue to embrace the business. The inaugural speeches were proceeded by a video showing the “heart” of the company, by introducing several key members of the Chauvet teams across the world.

Guests were encouraged to explore the entirety of the spacious facilities, which included its expansive warehouse and quality assurance departments. The warehouse itself was lit with one range of Chauvet’s versatile LED Up-lighters, the Freedom Par, with the height and size of the space really demonstrating the power and flexibility of these small little battery-powered fixtures.

Chauvet Warehouse European HQ Launch ZioGiorgio

For a company that focusses so heavily on the quality and reliability of their products, it was no surprise to see this reflected in their new European headquarters, with a substantial space being dedicated to the testing and quality checking of products before their distribution. The testing carried out at the manufacturing stage of course gives a first level of defence, but it is really impressive to see a company taking the time and effort to thoroughly test its products before they even leave the company’s distribution facilities. If one error is found within any fixture of a given shipment, then all fixtures are tested to ensure maximum efficiency within the distributed products.

Chauvet QA European HQ Launch ZioGiorgio

The new headquarters not only act as a service and support centre, but also as an opportunity for new and existing clients to come and experience Chauvet’s products first hand. On the upper floor of the building is a fully stocked showroom and product demonstration space. The room features products from all of Chauvet’s product lines, with dedicated areas for the company’s Professional and DJ product groups.

Chauvet Showroom European HQ Launch ZioGiorgio

Representatives from Chauvet were incredibly pleased with the turnout at the event, and the response given from its attendees. ”We look forward to being able to serve the European lighting market better than ever through our Belgium facility,” commented Michael Brooksbank. “We’ve had a very successful start in Belgium, and judging by the positive reaction of all our guests, we’re hopeful this can be a blueprint for our future in Europe.”

Founders of the company, Albert and Berenice Chauvet, welcomed the opportunity to meet with their European client base.

IMG_2533“The evening was an all-round fantastic event,” said Albert Chauvet. “Above all else, this was an ideal occasion to meet and greet our customers and to learn about their needs.”

“We were overwhelmed by the 200-plus turnout” said Bernice Chauvet. “Despite being new to the market we proved that we already have a significant presence in the region.”

It was a pleasure to be invited to attend this fantastic event, and a great opportunity to see into the heart of a company that really does focus on the complete customer experience, through innovation, modern design, quality assurance and continued product support. As a momento of our time spent at the launch, we were presented with a specially designed bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion. So, please join is in raising a glass to Chauvet, and to their exciting future… Cheers!


Adam Frost

ZioGiorgio Team

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