Chauvet brings benefits of video to Lord of Life

When Lord of Life church was built in 1997, its leaders wanted to create an open uplifting atmosphere inside its spacious worship area. With this in mind, they included plenty of windows and skylights in the design of their building so the sanctuary would be flooded with natural sunlight. The clear rays of a Minnesota morning sun played off beautifully against the oak wood stage and sandstone walls of the church during Sunday services, just as its designers had planned.

Unfortunately, the ample splashes of solar light also made it impossible for Lord of Life to incorporate video displays into its services a few years later when that technology became available to churches. That changed recently though when Excel AV Group provided the church with a video wall that was bright enough to stand up to the sun by installing PVP X3 modular indoor 3.9mm pixel pitch LED panels from Chauvet Professional.

“The church really wanted to incorporate video into the worship area because of its power to engage people,” said Kevin Crow, president of Excel AV. “We’ve worked with Lord of Life church for quite some time on various projects and have a great relationship with them. Over the years, traditional video projection was demoed for them, but nothing ever came of it, because the large amount of ambient light made the images very difficult to see.”

When Chauvet Professional introduced the PVP X3, with its high contrast, dense surface (16,384 LEDS over a 500mm square panel) and illuminance of 1,560 to 2,100 NITS, Crow tried again. “As soon as we demoed the PVP X3s, it became apparent to everyone that these panels would stand out even on the brightest days,” he said. “There so much black level on the panel’s LEDs that colors show up brilliantly even when there’s a lot of natural sunlight, so the decision was made to install them.”


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