SGM lights for Bucharest Days

Each year, Romania’s capital celebrates its birthday with a three-day arts and culture festival known as Zilele Bucurestiului (Bucharest Days). The event takes place in different locations across the city.

For the 2015 celebration, SGM’s partner, FIVE’S International, acted as supplier for two main locations, one of these being iMapp Bucharest at Piata Constititiei. As one of the biggest video-mapping shows in the world, iMapp was organized by CreArT and Bucharest City Hall, who invited six teams of international artists to create each their individual 4:30 minute’s video-mapping shows projected onto the impressive 23,000 sq. m. façade of the Palace of Parliament deploying 104 projectors.

iMapp Bucharest 2015 was one of the most awaited events of the year, which brought together 100,000 visitors and 2 million ANSI lumens.

During this magic evening, across the Palace was a huge stage setup for performers celebrating this special occasion with the famous electro-swing band Parov Stelar being the headliners of the show. 100,000 visitors for an event of this size called for a spectacular show, while at the same time this event became a promotion on international level for the city as well as the show.

FIVE’S International deployed a great amount of SGM luminaires for the show including four Q-7 RGBW LED flood blind strobes, 12 X-5 white LED strobes and 24 SixPack blinders.

The many SixPacks claimed a superior role on the set offering a combination of its powerful RGBA LED output and its ability to emulate the old decay of a halogen lamp.


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