The Last of K-array’s New Products for 2015 Hit Production Line

K-array’s ambitious plan to launch 17 new products in 2015 has successfully come to close. The final three products to be added to the Italian manufacturer’s portfolio have all gone into production with one month to spare.

K-array’s compact subwoofers have just been scaled down even more. Components from the K-array subwoofer line have been modified to create a smaller, yet extremely powerful, bass system comprised of one 6” Neodymium transducer and one 6” passive radiator, engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual noise.

With a frequency range of 45Hz to 300Hz, the KU26 is a perfect companion for the K-array Lyzard, Vyper, and Tornado speakers. The combination provides full range frequency response with prodigious output and a virtually invisible profile. The KU26 boasts extended  frequency response and is electronically protected.

Its Neodymium transducer has a double voice coil (16 Ω + 16 Ω) for selectable impedance settings allowing users to combine up to eight KU26 units powered by just one channel of the KA84 amplifier.

The KU26 has been designed to extend the low range in small to medium size rooms.  Applications vary from hotels and churches to pubs and restaurants as well as stores and conferences.

K-array has created a thin subwoofer to complement the Slim Array Technology incorporated in its speakers.  The KU44 line array element is an extremely compact, array-able bass element designed to combine with mid-high speakers to provide a full range frequency response with prodigious output in a virtually invisible profile.

The line source sub has a frequency range of 50 Hz to 150Hz and is comprised of two 4” Neodymium transducers and two 4” passive radiators engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual noise.

For easier use and integration with all KA amplifiers, the KU44 allows the user to choose between two different values of impedance (8/32 Ω). At 32 Ω, as many as eight KU44 units can be powered off a single KA amplifier channel.

KU44 is made entirely of steel, making it extremely resistant even when deployed outside in tough weather conditions. This is ideal for water-front environments where ordinary bass speakers would corrode. It is also impregnable by foreign objects like dust, sand or water, which over time can damage an ordinary audio element.

A variety of dedicated hardware accessories provide architects with numerous mounting options for permanent and portable installations best suited for theatres and other venues where invisible line arrays are ideal.

Installing a line array of KU44 subwoofers at the side or behind a line array of Kobras creates a full-range sound source with true line array characteristics down to 50 Hz.

The KA14 is a versatile amplifier, easily adaptable for small applications that do not require a lot of power.  Responding to the need of a simple solution for those who do not have a lot of additional resources, the KA14 is a complete system with a mixer, processor and amplifier.

The KA14 features four fully independent and configurable output channels (4 x 300 W @ 4 Ω).  The integrated DSP offers EQ, Matrix, Levels, Delays and a Limiter to avoid the need for external additional processors. The front panel has an easy-to-use touchscreen that gives access to all the basic functions for quick setup and corrections.  The KA14 can  be used as a mixer for fixed installations thanks to the XLR and RCA analog inputs.

An onboard K-array speaker preset library provides configuration for endless combinations of the Lyzard, Vyper, Tornado and Rumble loudspeakers.  All DSP functions are remote controlled via the K-framework software over USB connector.

The amplifier is built into a 2U lightweight, aluminum chassis and come with a kit of removable rack adapters and four rubber pads for flat surfaces.  KA amplifiers feature optical limiters, and protection against overheating, overcurrent and short circuits.


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