DTS Raptors Shine Bright at Blyth Fireworks Spectacular

The Skies of Northumberland were brought alive in front of a crowd of 18,000 spectators, thanks to DTS Raptor and Evo fixtures, as part of Blyth Fireworks & Lighting Spectacular 2015. A total of 6 moving head fixtures from DTS were utilised as part of the eagerly awaited light show.

DTS Raptor Evo Blyth Fireworks and Light Spectacular

Five DTS Raptors were mounted on a large commercial ship’s helicopter pad, while Blyth’s historical lighthouse was highlighted with help from a single Raptor. Full advantage was taken of the limitless pan rotation to create an unforgettable sight. Back on firm ground the DTS Evo fixtures delivered stunning effects across the bow of the ship and along the starboard side with rotating gobos and colours. The EVO fixtures provided bright and crisp beams.

DTS Raptor Evo Blyth Fireworks and Light Spectacular“The DTS fixtures delivered stunning aerial displays of light across the skies of Northumberland and out into the North Sea,” says David Thompson of Steadlands Lighting & Sound. “It was very impressive to see the incredible distance the beams travelled through the sky.”

Lighting designer James Bawn comments: “Having had a demo of the Evo and Raptor at HSL, I had no hesitation in specifying them for this project. The Raptor has a superb feature set for a fixture which is so compact in size. My chosen lighting positions were in challenging locations but using the Raptor’s enabled my concept to be reality. The Evo’s were simply stunning, quick and bright. The Evo has incredible optics and cut through the other ambient lighting with ease.”

Steadlands Lighting & Sound are hosting a Demo evening featuring DTS and other products on 2 December 2015 starting at 6:30pm. Further information on this demo can be found on their Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/687858998017764/

Info: www.dts-lighting.com

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